About us

Hi Friend,

My Name is Jitendra pal the founder of thebahas.com

I am a trader by profession but Blogger by passion.

I have been doing trading since 2015 and blogging since 2021.

I am passionate about sharing my all learnings and experiences of Trading, charting skills, investment ideas, and passive income tips to my readers and every trading Enthusiast.

I own a YouTube Channel with the Name EXPIRY TRADE, a dedicated place to explore trading and all-around charting advance tips.

In the Trading journey, you may fail at one point but I am here to hang you around me until you are willing to tie with me.

For those who are curious about my birthplace then I am coming from orai Uttar Pradesh (India).

Let’s first talk about who I am and why you should follow me and thebahas.

Why You Should Listen to Me?

Well, I already explained briefly about myself but I know it is not good enough to trust on my skills.

You need some proof, right?

Here is my journey with Trading, investment, and passive income.

Thebahas is a blueprint for a new journey of success.